Where is Abu Simbel Temple Located and When it was Built?

Abu Simbel temple is the most famous temple of ancient Egypt, carved out of solid rock cliff into a mountainside. Located in Southern Egypt on the west bank of the Nile in a land of Nubia south of Aswan between the first and second cataracts of the Nile. It was built by King Ramses II, the construction started around 1244 B.C to around 1224 B.C. He chose this site because it was sacred to Hathor of Absek, goddess of motherhood, joy, and love.

What is the Temple Consists of?

Abu Simbel temple consists of two main temples, the great temple, and the small temple. The complex took twenty years to be finished, the scholars believe that Ramses built the two temple to celebrate his victory over the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 B.C to confirm this victory in the memory of the people and to intimidate the Nubian tribe, who threaten Egypt safety in the past.

The Great Temple

The largest temple or the Great temple or “The Temple of Ramses-Meryamun” which means Ramses beloved by god Amun. It dedicated to the God Re-Hor-Akhty, Amon, Ptah, It’s35m in length and 30m in height, it contains four tremendous statues to Ramses seated at the entrance, depicting Ramses II on his throne each one about 20m in tall, the sun only enter the temple in 2 days during the year on the 22nd of October and the 22nd of February, the first rays of the morning sunshine down the temple and illuminate the inner sanctuary and the statues of four gods.

The Small Temple

Dedicated to the goddess Hathor and his favorite wife Nefertari. It is 12m in height and 28m in length in the entrance, we find two statues for Queen Nefertari and four statues for the Pharaohs Ramses each of them is 10 meter in height, and six small statues for Ramses and Nefertari’s children. Ramses built it to show his love to his wife Nefertari.

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