“I love Cairo” No one comes to Cairo unless he said I love Cairo. Cairo is the largest city on Africa continent and home to the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, so many people dream of standing in the shadow of the great pyramid. The first thing you must thinking in when you been in Cairo is visiting pyramids, there you can see the sphinx guards the entry of pyramids for long time and still standing do the same job, the great pyramid stood as the tallest man-made structure on the planet for thousands of years.

For long time Cairo was the center of civilization for several ages “Salah Ed-din citadel”  is a witness on that from the 12th century which it has built on the Moquattam hilltop to fend off crusaders. Now, the citadel open its doors for the visitors to learn about its history, masterpiece of the citadel is the Mohammed Ali mosque on the highest hilltop, it seen from all over the city.

Egyptian museum is unique in its presentation of the whole history of Egyptian civilization, especially of antiquities of the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods. The more than 120,000 items in the museum include some 1,700 items from the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amon, including the solid-gold mask that covered the pharaoh’s head. Other treasures include reliefs, sarcophagi, papyri, funerary art and the contents of various tombs (including that of Queen Hetepheres), jewelry, ornaments of all kinds, and other objects. There is a block statue of Queen Hetepheres, one of the earliest examples of its type, and there is a black granite sculpture of Queen Nefertiti. A sculpture of Amenhotep II shows him as the god Tenen. There are also granite figures of Queen Hatshepsut, as well as colossal figures of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) from Karnak. The museum also houses a small but fine collection of Fayum portraits from Hellenistic and Roman times.

Feluccas are the traditional sailboats of Egypt Nile. Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing felucca ride, as they are perfect for catching the breeze on a hot summer night, for brisker sails the rest of the year and watching the sunset anytime. They are ideal for an impromptu party after work, a romantic evening, and for soothing the tots on the weekends. It is usually for friends to get together and rent a felucca for an hour or two for a small social gathering. Such gatherings, frequently after sunset, may not do much sailing at all, but simply sit in a quiet cove where everyone can enjoy the lights on the banks and the river traffic.

In fact, one or two days are not enough for Cairo because every street has own story. They called it “the city of thousand minarets” because of the huge number of mosques with the great architecture of Memlouk period, this period is rich with a lot of Islamic monuments, every sultan built mosque and school or “Sabeel” which people and animal can find water to drink. When skiing in the old Cairo beside Al-Azhar you will find Khan El-khalili the famous market in that long street you can find anything you dreamed about from Cairo. From cotton, t-shirt to golden and silver jewels the price there is negotiable when the seller tell you a price, drop it to the half and still negotiate to the fair price you think. In addition, do not miss to eat oriental dishes in Cairo it is yummy, in my next blog I will tell you more about traditional food in Egypt and especially in Cairo.

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